Thursday, July 28, 2016

Simon Says...

Simon arrived and he sure has put a lot of energy in the house... He's a busy dude and loves to PLAY.. Silas wasn't too sure of him the first day, the second - he was interested but wasn't sure what Simon was doing..third day.. BITEY FACE and wrestling commenced...   Silas is very good with him; gentle and not too crazy and let's Simon firmly know when playtime is over.  Simon is teaching him some cool wrestling moves... Silas and Simon wrestle video

  Sasha appearance making sure things don't get too crazy..

Simon is a sweet puppy; he's energetic, LOVES to play and loves to sleep! He's quickly learned the doggie door which is AWESOME!  He's just a happy little dude and quickly learning the ropes of his new foster home.   Yesterday was his neuter day, and it didn't slow him down a bit, of course...   Silas is heading home on Saturday and I'm sure gonna miss his babysitting skills; but once Simon is healed up, we will see how he does at the dog park and see if he can make some new friends!

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