Monday, July 11, 2016

Pet Store Antics

A trip to a small pet store went really well as he got to sniff lots of new things... He also wanted to go up and meet all the people and dogs he saw... We had to hold him back a little as he was so eager, but he was easily distracted by all the new things to check out anyway. 
 He loved that the treats were low and I was a little worried he was going to taste test..he didn't..he tried to mark instead!  Luckily we were watching him and a quick no and moving away prevent that disaster... no peeing on the treats!  whew!  He must have wanted to mark them as ALL HIS!  :)  We haven't had a trip into a pet store were he hasn't attempted to mark, but we keep practicing..

 A very cute picture of my friend's dog Milo and Silas playing that I forgot to include in an earlier post... Milo looks like he's posing for this picture!