Sunday, July 31, 2016

Making New Friends

With Silas off to his new home..thought puppy Simon could get out and make some new friends (and take a break from his after-neuter donut around his neck!

This is my friend Kim's house where he got to meet her kids, husband and of course their new puppies!

Simon loved playing with her son Sean and I think the feeling was mutual!  He also played chase with her younger son, George, he's five... He learned you gotta be careful with a toy and puppy teeth!
  He really wanted to play with their new pups, which were found strays off the streets together.  Luna, below is a rat terrier we think too and Sunny above is a lab mix of some sorts, but they were not too sure of him and his puppy ways... They are new to their home and still a bit nervous of their surroundings.

 He wasn't too sure of Nate, Kim's husband and gave a few growls and barks when he first saw him but once play happened out in the yard, then he was alright!

He loved playing with Lyndsee... She would throw a toy and he would bring it back..sorta...sometimes... unless it when near the sprinkler..then he was like "you get it, I'll find something else to do!"
 He also played in a tunnel and ran around like a maniac... He found a bone and chewed on it but was growly so we put is away much to his dismay.  All and all I would say he had a great day!

Back in the donut - he's sad about it but then it was nap time to rest up so he can go again!

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