Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I'm Adopted! (and more news)

Silas is gonna be one happy dog... He's been adopted!  He's is going home to a great family and former foster Scully/Lola will be his New Rattitude fur-sister! 

 I think he will really enjoy having a fur sibling around and will get busy working his wonderful charms on her to show her how fabulous he is!  He'll head of to his new life this weekend!  I'm gonna miss him but he is in for such good things, I couldn't be happier!

We also had Rattiefest this weekend and we should be getting pictures up in the next few days.  2016 6th Annual Northwest Rattiefest thanks to the wonderful photography of my friends daughter Isabel who is a budding photographer.  She shows her work on a few facebook pages, but I did get a this one...

And then last but not least, we got a new foster!   We picked Simon up after rattiefest and boy, he's a busy playful little guy.    He loves playing with Silas and they have already played bitey face... He's very sweet and cuddly... Can't wait to find out more about him in the coming days.

Sasha's face when Simon arrived; she probably thought Silas wasn't coming back when we were gone so long, but instead, we arrived with an extra!  

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