Wednesday, July 20, 2016

For the Love of a Toy

Another day at the dog park with Silas and also Skeeter... It was an interesting experience... Silas got quite possessive over this dirty, muddy sock with a tennis ball in it... I've never seem him get growly or chase other dogs away over anything until when he found this thing.. He did just love it to pieces and carried it all over the park; but we had to put it away.  Once we did, he was back to his happy, get along with everyone self...

 This is Cujo, Silas is quite smitten with him..he tends to be there whenever we are and Silas just follows him everywhere...

 Skeeter did amazing...this is her third trip to the park and while she is barking getting inside; once there, she does great.. She doesn't want to hang out with the other dogs; but she wandered all over the park...She would come to me and ask to be picked up when she got tired...  It's good cause now I know that she can come to the Rattiefest reunion this Sunday and not be overwhelmed or miserable. Yeah!  She's the tiny dog below in the black sweater among all the big dogs!

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