Sunday, July 31, 2016

Making New Friends

With Silas off to his new home..thought puppy Simon could get out and make some new friends (and take a break from his after-neuter donut around his neck!

This is my friend Kim's house where he got to meet her kids, husband and of course their new puppies!

Simon loved playing with her son Sean and I think the feeling was mutual!  He also played chase with her younger son, George, he's five... He learned you gotta be careful with a toy and puppy teeth!
  He really wanted to play with their new pups, which were found strays off the streets together.  Luna, below is a rat terrier we think too and Sunny above is a lab mix of some sorts, but they were not too sure of him and his puppy ways... They are new to their home and still a bit nervous of their surroundings.

 He wasn't too sure of Nate, Kim's husband and gave a few growls and barks when he first saw him but once play happened out in the yard, then he was alright!

He loved playing with Lyndsee... She would throw a toy and he would bring it back..sorta...sometimes... unless it when near the sprinkler..then he was like "you get it, I'll find something else to do!"
 He also played in a tunnel and ran around like a maniac... He found a bone and chewed on it but was growly so we put is away much to his dismay.  All and all I would say he had a great day!

Back in the donut - he's sad about it but then it was nap time to rest up so he can go again!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Simon Would Like to Wrestle All Day

How cute is he?  He loves toys; loves your hands too, but can be a little mouthy so we are redirecting with toys, which has been easy to do.  He's also working on sit.  He'll get it quickly cause he's smart and he loves treats! 

 He's found his favorite napping spot for the day - at my feet!  Though he is fun to cuddle with when he gets sleepy... He'll just rest against you when you hold him and let you snuggle him... Sleepy puppies are the best!

 He did fine after his surgery and was didn't miss a beat.. Immediatly came home and wanted to wrestle Silas of course.   So I took Silas to the dog park and let Simon get some crate rest. 

He was growly at the barista at Starbucks, but the guy was great; talking to Simon and letting him sniff the pupcup... That won him over... I'm sure a few more trips and he will be more than happy to see the Starbucks guy anytime! 

6th Annual Rattiefest
July 24, 2016

Rattiefest was great.. and even though we were late; Silas had himself a blast meeting all the dogs and Skeeter worked hard at making sure everyone was aware she was there and in charge of her surroundings.  I heard the phrases "she's a pistol and she's a spitfire" which is certainly true.  It sure was fun seeing all the previous foster dogs and their people!

 Isabel Herbruger, a 12 year old photographer came to the event and took pictures for us and got some awesome shots!  Many many thanks to her for helping us out and getting these photo's for New Rattitude!  We have a bunch of pictures here at Rattiefest 2016 if you want to take a look..

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Simon Says...

Simon arrived and he sure has put a lot of energy in the house... He's a busy dude and loves to PLAY.. Silas wasn't too sure of him the first day, the second - he was interested but wasn't sure what Simon was doing..third day.. BITEY FACE and wrestling commenced...   Silas is very good with him; gentle and not too crazy and let's Simon firmly know when playtime is over.  Simon is teaching him some cool wrestling moves... Silas and Simon wrestle video

  Sasha appearance making sure things don't get too crazy..

Simon is a sweet puppy; he's energetic, LOVES to play and loves to sleep! He's quickly learned the doggie door which is AWESOME!  He's just a happy little dude and quickly learning the ropes of his new foster home.   Yesterday was his neuter day, and it didn't slow him down a bit, of course...   Silas is heading home on Saturday and I'm sure gonna miss his babysitting skills; but once Simon is healed up, we will see how he does at the dog park and see if he can make some new friends!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I'm Adopted! (and more news)

Silas is gonna be one happy dog... He's been adopted!  He's is going home to a great family and former foster Scully/Lola will be his New Rattitude fur-sister! 

 I think he will really enjoy having a fur sibling around and will get busy working his wonderful charms on her to show her how fabulous he is!  He'll head of to his new life this weekend!  I'm gonna miss him but he is in for such good things, I couldn't be happier!

We also had Rattiefest this weekend and we should be getting pictures up in the next few days.  2016 6th Annual Northwest Rattiefest thanks to the wonderful photography of my friends daughter Isabel who is a budding photographer.  She shows her work on a few facebook pages, but I did get a this one...

And then last but not least, we got a new foster!   We picked Simon up after rattiefest and boy, he's a busy playful little guy.    He loves playing with Silas and they have already played bitey face... He's very sweet and cuddly... Can't wait to find out more about him in the coming days.

Sasha's face when Simon arrived; she probably thought Silas wasn't coming back when we were gone so long, but instead, we arrived with an extra!  

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Getting ready!

Just a cute picture of him chilling at the dog park...

He finally found the upper part of the landscaping in the backyard... he had quite the blast checking out all the new smells up there! 

 We are just relaxing and preparing to go to the Rattiefest tomorrow!   He also doesn't know it, but he's getting a new foster brother afterwards!  Welcome Simon who is busy charming everyone as he is being transported up from California... I hear he is about 13 lbs, 5 months old, loves to play and loves to play with other dogs!  Should keep Silas on his toes!  (me too!)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

For the Love of a Toy

Another day at the dog park with Silas and also Skeeter... It was an interesting experience... Silas got quite possessive over this dirty, muddy sock with a tennis ball in it... I've never seem him get growly or chase other dogs away over anything until when he found this thing.. He did just love it to pieces and carried it all over the park; but we had to put it away.  Once we did, he was back to his happy, get along with everyone self...

 This is Cujo, Silas is quite smitten with him..he tends to be there whenever we are and Silas just follows him everywhere...

 Skeeter did amazing...this is her third trip to the park and while she is barking getting inside; once there, she does great.. She doesn't want to hang out with the other dogs; but she wandered all over the park...She would come to me and ask to be picked up when she got tired...  It's good cause now I know that she can come to the Rattiefest reunion this Sunday and not be overwhelmed or miserable. Yeah!  She's the tiny dog below in the black sweater among all the big dogs!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Sniffing the Flowers!

Checking out the garden... Good sniffs!

 His, please hold me look... it's quite effective... He's really a sweet little dog who loves to cuddle.
 But instead, we play throw and chase the toy.. He loves running after toys (not so much bringing them back though)...

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Fun Summer Days

Happy boy - he sure loves the dog park... i wish i could go everyday with him... He has so much fun and of course comes home nice and tired... He's not a crazy hyper dog at home, so it's good that he gets a chance to stretch and legs and get his run on...

 Play play play!  He can't get enough of being chased! 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Pet Store Antics

A trip to a small pet store went really well as he got to sniff lots of new things... He also wanted to go up and meet all the people and dogs he saw... We had to hold him back a little as he was so eager, but he was easily distracted by all the new things to check out anyway. 
 He loved that the treats were low and I was a little worried he was going to taste test..he didn't..he tried to mark instead!  Luckily we were watching him and a quick no and moving away prevent that disaster... no peeing on the treats!  whew!  He must have wanted to mark them as ALL HIS!  :)  We haven't had a trip into a pet store were he hasn't attempted to mark, but we keep practicing..

 A very cute picture of my friend's dog Milo and Silas playing that I forgot to include in an earlier post... Milo looks like he's posing for this picture!