Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Visitng the Pet Store

Off we go to check out the big pet store... Silas is comfy in the front seat with his seatbelt harness.. He's a good passanger, not at all worried, enjoys the sides and doesn't try to sit in my lap while I'm driving!

He enjoyed checking out all the sights and sounds of the pet store... He wasn't nervous at all; just into sniffing everything he could. He did lift his leg a couple of times and I had some clean up to do...but it's an overwhelming place with lots of smells.. He got the hang out of it and understood it was a no potty zone after about 10 minutes...
 Wasn't too interested in the bigs or the place the were adopting out kitties for the humane society... He did enjoy some meet and greets of other dogs!
 A treat afterwords... He was very excited about his pup cup treat!
 He is really just a sweetheart... Goes with the flow, loves to play, goofy and quite the snuggler.. And he's figured out the doggie door and is housetrained... He is really a joy to foster and watch him be happy.

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