Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sherlock goes home and updates!

My last photos of Sherlock before sending him off to his new home... He met his new family and
was his regular charming self and they were smitten of course...He's a lucky boy and in
for lots of new adventures... cannot wait to hear about them... He's got training classes coming up in a week and I'm sure he's gonna be a super star!  

 Sparrow -  who was adopted last August.. poor gal dislocated her toe a few weeks ago but she's sporty a fancy pink soft cast and healing up nicely... I didn't even know that could happen!!  She does have long toes though as the picture I got of her greeting me through my screen door attests!

And Mulder, now Baxter, has great news too... Him and his fur sister Maddie are getting a human sibling!  His parents posted a great facebook post about it... too adorable!  What's amazing too; is that is was just a year ago he was recovered from his rear leg amputation and adopted! 

And Mina (formerly Sabrina) is celebrating her 3 year "I've been adopted" anniversary this month!  I can't believe it's been that long!  Love watching all her adventures on facebook too!

New pup coming in a couple of weeks, we are calling him Silas... until then Sasha and Skeeter will rest up... :)

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