Thursday, June 30, 2016

My favorite place...

Can't help but take him to the dog park as often as I can.. He has so much fun there..  He was the smallest dog there; but he doesn't care as long as someone will chase him...

Someone was giving out treats so they got 100% attention waiting for their turn... It always makes me nervous when treats are at the dog park; but these guys are regulars and all were polite..whew!

 He got very dirty this visit... There was a few dog puddles and all the dogs LOVED running through them... of course!   Chase me! Chase me! video and Trying to be part of the Gang video

 I also got to meet and hold this adorable puppy... Her first visit to the dog park so it was a lot of watching and nappy for her... Her name was Lulu and she was adorable!

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