Thursday, June 23, 2016

Livin It Up in Yakima

Silas is a goofy boy... at a year old, he still has a lot of puppy in him.. he LOVES to play with toys, by himself or with you... He loves chasing them and then throwing them around... doesn't know to bring them back, he's having too much fun playing with them... He wishes my dogs would play with him and he tries but has quickly figured out, just hanging out with them is all they will allow; instead he plays with us or by himself...

But he has quickly made himself at home, figuring out the routine... scared a bit of the doggie door, but he will use it with the other dogs... no potty accidents in the house to date!  good appetite and doesn't say no to a good snuggle ever... He is just a happy sweet dog. 
 We took him to the doggie park where he enjoyed checking out the other dogs and playing a little chase... one particular dog was playing chase with him a got a little rough with smaller Silas.  We had to split them up when we saw it was too much for Silas and that the other dog wasn't listening or to Silas and it was a bit overwhelming to him...   So after that, we just spent some time walking around and after a bit, he was able to jump into some chase again... All and all, it was a good visit and he seemed to really enjoy getting some extra room to run... :)



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