Thursday, June 30, 2016

My favorite place...

Can't help but take him to the dog park as often as I can.. He has so much fun there..  He was the smallest dog there; but he doesn't care as long as someone will chase him...

Someone was giving out treats so they got 100% attention waiting for their turn... It always makes me nervous when treats are at the dog park; but these guys are regulars and all were polite..whew!

 He got very dirty this visit... There was a few dog puddles and all the dogs LOVED running through them... of course!   Chase me! Chase me! video and Trying to be part of the Gang video

 I also got to meet and hold this adorable puppy... Her first visit to the dog park so it was a lot of watching and nappy for her... Her name was Lulu and she was adorable!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Visitng the Pet Store

Off we go to check out the big pet store... Silas is comfy in the front seat with his seatbelt harness.. He's a good passanger, not at all worried, enjoys the sides and doesn't try to sit in my lap while I'm driving!

He enjoyed checking out all the sights and sounds of the pet store... He wasn't nervous at all; just into sniffing everything he could. He did lift his leg a couple of times and I had some clean up to do...but it's an overwhelming place with lots of smells.. He got the hang out of it and understood it was a no potty zone after about 10 minutes...
 Wasn't too interested in the bigs or the place the were adopting out kitties for the humane society... He did enjoy some meet and greets of other dogs!
 A treat afterwords... He was very excited about his pup cup treat!
 He is really just a sweetheart... Goes with the flow, loves to play, goofy and quite the snuggler.. And he's figured out the doggie door and is housetrained... He is really a joy to foster and watch him be happy.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Livin It Up in Yakima

Silas is a goofy boy... at a year old, he still has a lot of puppy in him.. he LOVES to play with toys, by himself or with you... He loves chasing them and then throwing them around... doesn't know to bring them back, he's having too much fun playing with them... He wishes my dogs would play with him and he tries but has quickly figured out, just hanging out with them is all they will allow; instead he plays with us or by himself...

But he has quickly made himself at home, figuring out the routine... scared a bit of the doggie door, but he will use it with the other dogs... no potty accidents in the house to date!  good appetite and doesn't say no to a good snuggle ever... He is just a happy sweet dog. 
 We took him to the doggie park where he enjoyed checking out the other dogs and playing a little chase... one particular dog was playing chase with him a got a little rough with smaller Silas.  We had to split them up when we saw it was too much for Silas and that the other dog wasn't listening or to Silas and it was a bit overwhelming to him...   So after that, we just spent some time walking around and after a bit, he was able to jump into some chase again... All and all, it was a good visit and he seemed to really enjoy getting some extra room to run... :)



Monday, June 20, 2016

Silas Arrives!

Silas got here last night and what a big sweetie... He's about 17 1/2 lbs and a year old... So sweet.... He's a rattie mix of some sort and totally adorable with is light brown eyes.  

Silas Zoomie Video  <-----  He was sure happy to get a yard to zoom around it... I'm sure he had some energy built up after a two day transport from California... He wants to play with Sasha and Skeeter so badly and has already been busy showing off his moves to them to no avail... But he doesn't seem to mind and listens to them well. Maybe he will convince them... I know he's gonna try hard... We will defiantly be taking him to the dog park once he settles in and we know him better...

He's had a busy day... lights out for him.. (look at those big puppy paws)

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sherlock goes home and updates!

My last photos of Sherlock before sending him off to his new home... He met his new family and
was his regular charming self and they were smitten of course...He's a lucky boy and in
for lots of new adventures... cannot wait to hear about them... He's got training classes coming up in a week and I'm sure he's gonna be a super star!  

 Sparrow -  who was adopted last August.. poor gal dislocated her toe a few weeks ago but she's sporty a fancy pink soft cast and healing up nicely... I didn't even know that could happen!!  She does have long toes though as the picture I got of her greeting me through my screen door attests!

And Mulder, now Baxter, has great news too... Him and his fur sister Maddie are getting a human sibling!  His parents posted a great facebook post about it... too adorable!  What's amazing too; is that is was just a year ago he was recovered from his rear leg amputation and adopted! 

And Mina (formerly Sabrina) is celebrating her 3 year "I've been adopted" anniversary this month!  I can't believe it's been that long!  Love watching all her adventures on facebook too!

New pup coming in a couple of weeks, we are calling him Silas... until then Sasha and Skeeter will rest up... :)

Thursday, June 2, 2016

I'm Adopted!

Lucky Sherlock didn't have to wait long for his forever family... He's heading to Eastern Oregon with a retired couple who are going to spoil this little man rotten (and are signing him up for some training courses too!) - he'll get plenty of attention and love and their daughter has a dog that hopefully will enjoy playing with him sometimes too!  He's heading home on Monday so we have a few days left with this little fellow and then he's off to his new life!

He snuck in under the covers where Skeeter was sleeping for a nap.. He does work on trying to get, keep on her good side... It doesn't always work; but times like this, it does!

A video of Skeeter being bossy with Sherlock.. Sherlock drops a toy - i like that she's bossy; but gentle bossy..