Tuesday, May 10, 2016

More Updates!

Millie, formerly Skye was adopted as a puppy back in October 2013.  Well she is now 3 years old and a whole 9 lbs!!!  She has a dog-sister Moxie who she likes to bug a lot and earned the nickname Mayhem Millie.   It's amazing to see these pups all grown up!

Good ol' Baxter (formerly Mulder) still doing the crazy sleeping positions even minus a back leg... He is much loved and is thriving is his new home...

 And these two adorable mouse-rats...are Minnie and Mikki - Mike and Tom's adorable pups - they are great New Rattitude supporters and I couldn't resist sharing...because... cute outfits (with matching names to boot!)! 

Skeeter too is doing great and went on a road trip with us this weekend up to Coulee Dam and was a little rock star enjoying all the new sights and sounds

Sasha and Skeeter - Where are we going!  M
 She did not want to go in the water and wasn't too happy about me holding her an wading in there...But she was able to tackle a pretty good hill up and down!

 My favorite picture! 

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