Sunday, May 29, 2016

Making More Friends

Yes, another trip to the dog park.. it's such a great way to get Sherlock's energy out after a day in the house... This time we met up with former foster Skipper and they got to play chase with each other and hung out in the smaller dog park area...

Then this puppy husky Aurora came.  While Skipper wasn't up to playing with her, Sherlock was all game!  They ran and ran and ran... 
Keira protecting tiny 4lb Fifi (Skippers sister) from getting ran over by the crazy running dogs
When we came home, Sherlock was tired, but not so tired he didn't want to still play.  Luckily he is good at amazing himself with some fun toys.  Sherlock playing with tennis ball toy

Friday, May 27, 2016

Time to Snooze!

he sure loves snoozing on my blanket...of course he has to grab a few toys to keep him company while he takes a snooze...  He very much likes to be under my desk where I have a foot warmer that  keeps him nice and cozy.. I don't mind the extra fuzzy foot rest! 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Time To Play!!!!

Another visit to the dog park... Weather was nice and he needed to get some energy out...

 He's loves playing with all dogs of all sizes...gotta watch though that they aren't too rough with him. This guy however, was just a sweet as could be and him and Sherlock were good buddies...


This big guy was super interested in the stick (prize) that Sherlock had.. I kept him with me with nice butt scratches until Sherlock was done with his stick chewing... 
 Sherlock is great at the's fun watching him play and trying to entice the other dogs to chase him... He has a super good time...

Monday, May 23, 2016

Making himself at home...

              This boy always has a toy in his mouth or nearby... He loves himself some toys! 

 Skeeter took his toy when he wasn't playing with it to nibble on... of course, he wants it back once someone else shows interest but it's quite brave enough...

And it's nap time... He is such a good cuddler!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Going to the Pet Store time!

A visit to the pet store; he did great; though it was super empty of people and critters... nothing seems to faze this little man; he is just more than willing to experience new things and get his smell on.. 

 Then he saw the birds... he really wanted to stay with the birds.. I'm guessing a little prey instinct he's got and I'll have to watch to see if he chases any birds in the yard.. He really didn't want to leave his new friends
 He is a fun little dog.  Energetic and willing to go where you are going but he's also got that lovely off switch and enjoys a good nap and snuggle. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Playtime at the Dog Park

We took Sherlock to the dog park and he made friends with everyone... He made sure he met all the people and got pets from them... and then started working his charm on the dogs too.. He loved being chased! 

 He even got into playing tug with this sweet gentle dog..size didn't matter to Sherlock; just a willingness to play!   He was smart too; when the big dogs got fast and playing with each other; he got out of the way of that craziness; preferring a slower speed.

 He was a worn out puppy went we got home, but he had a lot of fun..

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sherlock settling in...

Meet spunky little Sherlock!  He's 2 years old, very playful and loves himself some people... As you can see by the picture below, he doesn't care very much for baths, but we made it up to him with snuggles... He's quickly making himself at home...

Sasha and Skeeter aren't sure about this playful little boy, but once he got the message that they weren't interested in playing with him, things went much smoother...

 He loves toys!  All toys... He get them out of the few boxes I have full of toys and helps himself to them.. He's into fetching and throwing but he also plays by himself too... He's very good at amusing himself but of course likes you to participate too!  Here he is with an "egg baby" (that he did destuff quickly, but I sewed back up -minus the squeaker for him) and he was off playing with it again.. So far, he hasn't met a toy he doesn't like...

 He's awesome in the crate at night and patient in the morining too!  We have him on a housetraining schedule and he's well on his way... He also knows sit... He's a smart boy!

Friday, May 13, 2016

A New Dog is Afoot!

Meet cute little Sherlock!  He'll be coming to town on Sunday and he's sure to bring some new energy to this household of senior girls!  We are excited to meet him and his cute little face!  He's about a year old. Not sure of his size, but with that face does it matter?  I'll be heading over to pick up with little guy myself with Skeeter in tow.  Fun times ahead! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

More Updates!

Millie, formerly Skye was adopted as a puppy back in October 2013.  Well she is now 3 years old and a whole 9 lbs!!!  She has a dog-sister Moxie who she likes to bug a lot and earned the nickname Mayhem Millie.   It's amazing to see these pups all grown up!

Good ol' Baxter (formerly Mulder) still doing the crazy sleeping positions even minus a back leg... He is much loved and is thriving is his new home...

 And these two adorable mouse-rats...are Minnie and Mikki - Mike and Tom's adorable pups - they are great New Rattitude supporters and I couldn't resist sharing...because... cute outfits (with matching names to boot!)! 

Skeeter too is doing great and went on a road trip with us this weekend up to Coulee Dam and was a little rock star enjoying all the new sights and sounds

Sasha and Skeeter - Where are we going!  M
 She did not want to go in the water and wasn't too happy about me holding her an wading in there...But she was able to tackle a pretty good hill up and down!

 My favorite picture! 

Monday, May 2, 2016


Selena - now name Eleanor aka Ellie, is doing great with Rigby and her new family... She looks right at home!

Marcia too, is enjoy some good quality napping time with her new sis, Nala!

And here is Pippa, (Selma) who was adopted over a year go enjoying a nice outing in the spring!

A new foster will be coming in mid May... fun times ahead!