Sunday, April 17, 2016

Selena is here!

Selena arrived on Saturday, thanks to Angela and former foster Skittles... We met a little dog park in Rosyln and I brought Skeeter too... All three did fine together just hanging out - Skeeter and Skittles especially likes running to the fence barking at bicycles!  Selena preferred laps to sit on as much as possible.  She also got a little chilly, so Angela put in a sweater and she was much more comfy!


Selena with my dad getting some attention!                      
                                             Me with Selena and Skeeter!  They are about the same size!

We got home; she met Sasha and we all went for a walk... The walk was kind of crazy with me trying to wrangle three dogs and Selena wasn't really into it so we came home pretty quick. She pottied outside... sniffed around... ate some dinner, which I mixed soft food and some kibble in there, along with some yogurt and she ate it all up quick!  Then it was nap time and cuddles.. She like to squiggle on you, rolling around, being silly..   She sure is people oriented for sure!  
 Sweater off and official New Rattitude collar and tag on! 

We will let her settle in for the next few days to get comfy and relaxed...

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  1. YOU ARE GOING TO HEAVEN!!! Thanks so much for what you do for these precious ratites.