Tuesday, April 19, 2016

All Shook Up

So Selena got here and she's got a bad case of the nerves... New place, unsure, she doesn't mind the people, but she's a little nervous of Sasha and Skeeter and would like some space inside the house... New noises are scary to her (as you can see below) and she's got a lot of new things to get use to.   She does really well with everyone out in the yard, but this space has got her a little unbalanced I think.

 Luckily, she loves herself some food and it's a great motivator for her... I'm feeding her some soft food since she just had her dental, but throw a few kibble in, slightly softened and she's doing great with it.. good appetite.   I even got her to come out from the dog bed into the kitchen for some treats with the other dogs, once I got the arrangement right and nicely spaced apart. 

She self kennels when nervous, which is both sad (that's she's scared) but good that we can give her a safe place... 
 Skeeter doesn't really understand why she is in the kennel and wants to visit her.. Selena tells her with growls that she doesn't want any visitors when she is in the kennel!  Skeeter is not a good listener, so I'm running some interference... I was happy to see that Selena moved herself out of the kennel to a dog bed right under the table to keep on eye on the activity... small step in just a couple of days!   Sasha totally gets it and just let's her own space...

This girl loves her sunshine and spend some time outside in the sun... I was working and would check on her but she was just soaking up the rays... She then barked when she was ready to go inside!  She also runs to the backdoor when she needs to go outside though we are still taking her out on a regular schedule, but I'm pretty sure, this girl got some house training under her belt and gets it.  She doesn't know the doggie door but she's got enough on her plate, we will work on it when she gets more relaxed...

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  1. Bless her heart. You are so patient and do everything she needs you to do for her.