Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I'm Adopted!

It couldn't have happened to a sweeter dog.. Selena has found herself a fur-ever home already!  She is going to a little dog-sister to a former New Rattitude foster Rigby who was adopted last year.  While I've enjoyed fostering her and seeing her relax, I'm so happy that she found her home so soon and she can get to relaxing in her new digs with her new family.  She'll be heading home on Thursday so we have a another day of cuddling to get in.

 My office has turned into quite the dog den these days as everyone seems to have their favorite spot!  But Selena can't turned down a good sunbeam so I make sure the dog bed in is one so she has a comfy spot to snooze! 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Meet and Greets!

Selena Selfie! 

Took Selena over to my friends house to meet some kids, dogs, and just hang out.. She did well though she really didn't like the Y harness that she was hooked up with Selena so we took that off... She meet Roxie, a little terrier and they got their sniff on and pee'd on things... 
 She met Lyndsee, who she wanted to meet, but was a little nervous about meeting, but wanted to get cuddles from... She also hung out with me and spend some time with my friends... cuddles all around! 
Selena likes the cozy cave bed (and Cassie might have put pj's on her) after a long day of new sights and smells... 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Shake it Off

Selena Back Rub  (watch this video all the way to the end)<---- What a difference a couple of days can make... While she is still skittish and likes the safety of her bed, she is feeling much more relaxed around everyone... in this video, she enjoyed a back scratch while Skeeter looked on...

 Got this picture of Skeeter and Selena napping together on my desk because Selena wanted in my lap while I was working and while I tried that for a couple of minutes, we had to come up with a compromise.  She seemed happy with it for about 1/2 and then jumped down to a bed in the office... So much better than all by herself in the dining room like she was on Monday. 
We also took a quick trip to the vet for a microchip insertion and she's great in the car with the seatbelt harness... She seems to really enjoying being in the car and likes to splay out...

Nervous but very curious at the vet... She really wanted to explore every inch.  
And she is whole 7.7 lbs!

 It's good to see Selena just continuing to come out of her shell and shake those nerves off... There was some barking at the lawnmower man this afternoon by my two barkomaniacs and Selene came in and joined in and added some howls!  She's figuring it all out...

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

All Shook Up

So Selena got here and she's got a bad case of the nerves... New place, unsure, she doesn't mind the people, but she's a little nervous of Sasha and Skeeter and would like some space inside the house... New noises are scary to her (as you can see below) and she's got a lot of new things to get use to.   She does really well with everyone out in the yard, but this space has got her a little unbalanced I think.

 Luckily, she loves herself some food and it's a great motivator for her... I'm feeding her some soft food since she just had her dental, but throw a few kibble in, slightly softened and she's doing great with it.. good appetite.   I even got her to come out from the dog bed into the kitchen for some treats with the other dogs, once I got the arrangement right and nicely spaced apart. 

She self kennels when nervous, which is both sad (that's she's scared) but good that we can give her a safe place... 
 Skeeter doesn't really understand why she is in the kennel and wants to visit her.. Selena tells her with growls that she doesn't want any visitors when she is in the kennel!  Skeeter is not a good listener, so I'm running some interference... I was happy to see that Selena moved herself out of the kennel to a dog bed right under the table to keep on eye on the activity... small step in just a couple of days!   Sasha totally gets it and just let's her own space...

This girl loves her sunshine and spend some time outside in the sun... I was working and would check on her but she was just soaking up the rays... She then barked when she was ready to go inside!  She also runs to the backdoor when she needs to go outside though we are still taking her out on a regular schedule, but I'm pretty sure, this girl got some house training under her belt and gets it.  She doesn't know the doggie door but she's got enough on her plate, we will work on it when she gets more relaxed...

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Selena is here!

Selena arrived on Saturday, thanks to Angela and former foster Skittles... We met a little dog park in Rosyln and I brought Skeeter too... All three did fine together just hanging out - Skeeter and Skittles especially likes running to the fence barking at bicycles!  Selena preferred laps to sit on as much as possible.  She also got a little chilly, so Angela put in a sweater and she was much more comfy!


Selena with my dad getting some attention!                      
                                             Me with Selena and Skeeter!  They are about the same size!

We got home; she met Sasha and we all went for a walk... The walk was kind of crazy with me trying to wrangle three dogs and Selena wasn't really into it so we came home pretty quick. She pottied outside... sniffed around... ate some dinner, which I mixed soft food and some kibble in there, along with some yogurt and she ate it all up quick!  Then it was nap time and cuddles.. She like to squiggle on you, rolling around, being silly..   She sure is people oriented for sure!  
 Sweater off and official New Rattitude collar and tag on! 

We will let her settle in for the next few days to get comfy and relaxed...

Friday, April 15, 2016

A New Foster Dog is Coming!

Look at this little cutie - all 7 lbs of her that is coming to my house for fostering this coming Saturday! We've name her Selena.  Our Adoption Coordinator pulled her from a shelter here in Washington and took her to the vet for some teeth cleaning and a check up; see her blog post here ---- 

Hopefully my house with my 2 senior girls will be a good place for her unwind and continue feeling better from her dental visit where she did get a tooth removed (and lost one during the exam and another the night before) and of course all the things that have happened that landed her into the shelter to begin with... Lots of changes for this one in a short time but I think she will like it here..

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Marcia's New Digs!

Marcia is settling in well with her new dad!  She looks happy!   Her and her new part-time sibling Nala are getting to know each other too!  They tell me that she is doing super and has quickly made herself at home and is into critter watching!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I'm Adopted!!

Can you believe it?  It's happened so fast to me, but Marcia has been adopted already!  She's heading to the westside to live with her new dad!  When he's a work, he will be dog sat by a person who has another dog too, so she will also get a part time buddy to hang out with! 
 She deserves the best and now she is going to get it! She's heading home today and I'll miss this sweet lady but she is on to good things!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Marcia enjoying the yard after it's been freshly mowed (and picked up of dog poop, not in that order)... She loves just hanging out outdoors...
 Skeeter is trying to show her the joy of laying in the fresh warm dirt... Marcia doesn't get it... She prefers the shade to rest (me too!).  Gonna have to get the rest of the fence up to keep the dogs out of the garden area i see...

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Loving the toes!

Macia MIGHT have a toe fetish... She does like to give them a lick if you let her...

 She's not picky though.. she also licks her own feet!  

It was also a day of napping halfway on the dog bed kind of day on Friday... Marcia on the floor, half on the dog bed and I turn around and Skeeter was half on the dog bed, resting her head on my desktop!  Not to be outdone, Sasha decided to nap belly up!  Tough life these three have...