Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wednesday Walk About

Marcia let me know yesterday that I was working too much (I've been working a lot the past few days) - right after work, she started barking at me and getting kind of spazzy - doing some rattie runs around the house and I was even shown a couple of spins that she can do! 

We headed to the dog park right after work as I thought it wouldn't be too busy in the big area, rather than taking a walk... Our park can get pretty busy and lots of big dogs and I didn't want Marcia to be overwhelmed there.  Luckily there was only 1 other dog when we got there and there ended up only being two more... This was great for her (and me too).
 I think she pee'd on about every inch of the park... She does like to leave her mark!  

She met Aussie; she was a bigger dog but they interacted well together... a little play, a little chase..

 She also met Marcel, a french bulldog that was more her size... Marcel preferred to chase the bigger dogs and was really speedy.. this was after an hour at the dog park and Marcia wasn't up to running and playing chase and was winding down...

I was also happy to see that when the two bigger dogs got into rough housing and chasing, chomping and barking at each other.. Marcia knew to stay out of the way and let them be... though she kept a watchful eye on them... She also made sure she met all the people.  Just a quick; who are you...

It was a really positive dog park experience in the bigger dog area for her.... We did lots of walking around the whole area and she kept pretty close to me without too much wandering far off.. It was fun just to hang out with her without the other dogs.
A lovely positive day at the park... and now I have a worn out happy non spazzy) sleepy dog!

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