Monday, March 7, 2016

Marsha Marsha Marsha!

So my break from fostering didn't last long... We had a returned New Rattitude dog that was needing a spot... The word was that she was older, mellow and quiet and I thought it sounded like a great dog to introduce Skeeter to the world of fostering, so I raised my hand for her...

 Her name is Marcia but I can't help but call her MarshaMarshaMarsha like on Brady Brunch!   One reason she was returned because she is so quiet!  And not a barker!  So if anyone out there is interested in that aspect, hurry quick because I am sure Sasha and Skeeter will be busy teaching her the joys of barking at noises they cannot see (and ones they do too!) and at things big and small :)
 She did give me a quiet WOOF tonight in her crate where i fed her... kind of to let me know, I"m done and I would like out... also that carrots suck!  (i know this now cause she left them spread out all over the crate for me)...I let Sasha lap them up :)

So far she is really mellow and sweet, loves to get scratches and wags her tail when you look at her...but she's pretty confused I think all the changes so we will see more of her personality I think as she gets more settled in... 

 Thanks to Angela (Skittles mom) for once again bring my foster to Cle Elum... She also brought Skittles who I hadn't seen in a while and Skeeter did really well meeting him even on a leash which was great to see that she is capable of not losing her mind when she is on a leash and sees another dog.

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