Friday, March 18, 2016

Making Friends

Cassie's boyfriend also has a rat terrier mix called Boo... So she brought Marcia over to see how she would do with him.  They did pretty good.. Marcia definitely wants to be in charge and took his toy, but Boo didn't react so that was good.  .  She came from a home where she was the more "in charge" dog with another dog, and we have seen signs of this.  With my dog Sasha, they just don't interact much but I do watch them together closely to make sure things don't get heightened into a spat (i.e. the fenced off kitchen)...  Skeeter will also let her know she isn't in charge of her too... Poor Marcia; lots of changes for her...but the good news is she seems to be adapting well to this and has great interaction with us and guests... She's really just an easy going sweet little girl. 

By the end of the visit Boo, they seem to enjoy each other and enjoyed going in and out of the doggie door to visit the yard!


Boo took his duck back when Marcia wasn't looking!

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