Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Likes and Dislikes

Marcia doesn't like any fruit or vegetable... I've tried them a bunch and so far, it's all a big NO... carrots, green beans, broccoli, apples, bananas, oranges... none of them... I gave her a piece of popcorn and she ran off with it... I thought, ah!  a food she likes... then I watched her basically just chew it open mouth and dribbled soggy popcorn pieces everywhere... sigh...   She'll eat a piece of chicken or beef, but as for the vegis and fruits - it's a no go! (I'll keep trying though!)  It is nice to be able to eat one of those cutie oranges without her trying to stare me down for a piece though (talking to you, Skeeter!).   She just likes her kibble (and doesn't say no to coconut oil or fish oil either)!

Much like another foster parent (see Scritchy-Scratch video), Marcia gives herself a back scratch nearly everyday and I can never get my camera out fast enough to catch it... I finally did!    Her back scratches are very slow.. She really gets into them... You can also see her awesome fluffy foxlike tail in this video

What does she like?  SHOES!  Thankfully, she doesn't chew them (whew) but she does like to bring them to her and just hang out with them... If you take them and put them away; she'll try to find them and bring them back... She doesn't get into our shoe box, but we aren't always so good at getting the shoes in there..then one will dissapear and I have to go hunt it down... She's training me to better at putting my shoes away! 
shoe in the front, one in the back.. just like she likes!

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