Monday, March 14, 2016

Let's Go Out!!!

I wish I got more picture at the dog park... it was pretty windy and cold and so we were there only about an hour but Marcia had fun... We met up with former foster Skipper who is just no longer a puppy anymore and all grown up!  He is becoming quite the New Rattitude Yakima Dog Park Ambassador (long title).  Hanging out with Marcia is the 4th NR foster dog he has meet!

Marcia had a good time and even hung out with the big dogs for a bit... She gets along well with other dogs and has a pretty laid back way about her... She doesn't like to be growled at and will growl back and we have to make sure that doesn't escalate, but we didn't have any issues at the small dog park...everyone got along just fine and we even had another dog visitor that Marcia enjoyed meeting.

Skeeter came too but couldn't handle it... She just barked and ran the fence like a crazy dog barking at the dogs on the other side...Definitively not fun for her.   She was okay with everyone in the small dog park but had a lot to say to those big dogs accross the way!  Cassie came to get her, but I wanted to try and see how she would do though I had a feeling...   Dog parks stresses Sasha out too.  I'm glad I'm fostering again cause I missed the dog park with my two non dog park gals!

She also met my dad and Cassie's boyfriend this weekend and was like "yeah, new people to get pets from!"  She was maybe a little nervous getting pets at first but warmed up quickly.

The closest way we can get Skeeter to enjoy a belly rub.. looks awkward but she was just stretched out, head down and enjoying herself... :) 

  More amazing news on the Sasha and Skeeter front... Sasha actually came down and laid very close to Skeeter for a nap... I love this picture of Sasha's fluffy tail laying over Skeeter like a blanket... I continue to just watch these two get more and more closer to each other - makes me happy :)

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