Wednesday, March 9, 2016


So to keep the peace in my tiny kitchen area...up went the xpen... We had a spat and some growls with Sasha and Marcia so I thought it would be best to just make the food area off limits... Sasha is very protective in the kitchen and Marcia very much likes her food too.  It also lets me feed Skeeter in peace who is the slowest of the bunch.... Bonus - I'm really liking a kitchen all to myself! 

They seem to have figured each other out... I think Skeeter and Marcia are on their way to being sorta buddies - both are pretty mellow.. Sasha not so much, but doesn't mind Marcia outside barking at things and getting to show her all the best spots to be snoopy!

 Marcia does bark!  It's true she doesn't bark when someone knocks on the door or when Cassie walks in the door or I come home, but she does bark... She barks in response to the other dogs barking, she's barked in the back at some noise a few time and she will give a "WOOF" to get your attention..  I'm finding her vocal but not overly vocal.  I love her little deep "woofs"

Video of Skeeter getting Marcia to bark <----- Amazingly Sasha did not pick up the barking round robin (this time) - but they have gotten themselves all barky at each other and you can tell they have no idea what or why they are barking at other than each other... oh yeah Skeeter is the instigator most of the time! 
see Skeeter down in the left hand corner?  Marcia in the middle and Sasha on the right.
 Skeeter continues to do well... She does not like baths though and tries to rub off her "freshly shampoo'd smell" every time... Some happy that she is feeling better!  Skeeter Bath Time <--video

I will eat this whole carrot by myself!  I can do it! 

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