Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Getting Along...

Skeeter is learning to get along with our cat...She's always been a little scared of her.. But she is always quick to check to see if there is any cat food scraps left laying around!  Sarah doesn't think much of her, but they both like to snuggle with Cassie so they are learning to get along and at least share the same space...  :)

 Cassie got them matching PJ's for Valentines day!  They were pretty cute being all matchy matchy!
 They too are doing well together, though they got into a spat over a blueberry... but come on, blueberry's are good!  Both are very into their food that is for sure! 

Friday, February 12, 2016

The new Tutu Crew...

Lovely card I got from a fellow New Rattituder family -
So sweet and unexpected... I love to the tail pic!

Turned Superbowl Sunday into a tutu party... I really try to pay attention to the football game, but dressing up the dogs is more fun!  Here Skeeter is wearing a Seahawks shirt (Thanks Skittles!) and a lovely tutu..  She was quite adorable...

had to get Sasha into another one... She was a little confused on how to wear it... but we figured it out!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Skeeter Settles into her new life...

 Her and Sasha both got some new fancy tags... They are adorable!  Got them on Esty and Sasha has one too but she is too fuzzy currently to get a picture! 

 This girl loves her fruits and veggies!  Turns out even butter lettuce which Sasha turned her nose up at... I think cutie oranges are about her favoritest thing though...

awww.... Skeeter snuck in and was the little spoon!  Sasha even woke up and didn't seem to mind and went back to sleep... That I was happy to see; because as cute as this was, I wasn't sure how Sasha would react... made me happy when she didn't seem to mind at all! 

Monday, February 1, 2016

I'm Adopted!

Well 42 really is the answer to universe.. Skeeter's at least!  ... My 42nd foster dog Skeeter is being adopted by MEEEE!

I love this little senior gal and she got a tough break in life when she was dumped to the shelter at 10 years old very sick with broken teeth and mammary masses...but maybe it was a good thing... because lucky for all, a great woman at the Vancouver shelter, Tara, saw the spark in Skeeter and went about getting getting her into a rescue and getting her treated, even taking her into her home and letting her recover from her surgeries. 

Then she came to me...  It's been a eventful few months... first Skeeter was scared and still recovering from surgery, 6 teeth removed, 8 mammary masses and a spay!... then right when she was feeling good, she got some awful pain in her neck that gave her a lot of grief ... Since then; she has gotten better and almost back to her regular self,  the neck pain is a chronic thing and will have to manged for the rest of her life... We also found at that time, she has an enlarged heart and a diagnosis of right heart congestive heart failure...  Luckily though, she isn't showing any symptoms at this at this time... and I've already got her on some herbal medications to help as much as possible.  It's treatable but a progressive condition.
supervising her adoption paperwork - making sure i get it right!
Life sure has been tough on her... and she's had enough stress for 100 dogs.. No good healthcare, probably bad food and just not treated well in her early days and it's caught up to her.. But those days at least are over for her...   She's loved, getting good nutrition and great healthcare. She's come to me at a time when I'm working form home and she's my little desk dog buddy and I can't imagine her not being here...We just love her to pieces.  Even Sasha is good with with her and seems to know she is here to stay... So welcome Skeeter Coltrane to your forever home!

 Sasha looks like she says... really, she's staying?   But she takes kisses anyhow, so she's not too upset to share!

We will be taking a break from fostering while we further settle Skeeter into her new home and continue to getting her feeling good.... Then, we'll have two fun police dogs to keep the fosters in line!
 And this picture just because I love the "Oh I am the saddest pup ever cause I'm being forced to wear a plaid deer antler headband"...Pity me!  look... So silly!