Saturday, January 9, 2016

Feeling Better!

Skeeter is doing really well.. I would say she is about 95% recovered from her neck pain... She has a pretty arthritic neck, poor thing... So we have her on some daily vetprofen and glucosomine.. Of course time and rest helped the most... I'm glad to see her getting back to her wiggly self!

Her and Sasha and quite the good napping buddies... Skeeter almost worked up the nerve to go on the same dog bed as her and Sasha didn't seem bothered a bit..but she lost her nerve and couldn't do it!  

 Snoozing next to me ON the desk while I work... I'm not sure how it happened, but it's a happy spot for her... She lets me know when she wants down (and up) and she's in easy reach for kisses and photos!

 We got her a nice harness that is gentle on her skin and won't irritate her skin.. I think she looks super cute - she is so excited to go

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