Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Well, photo shoot #2 went very well and Sasha and Skeeter were adorable!  I think Skeeter is figuring out that dress up days just happen and of course Sasha is a pro at it and knows treats are coming for what she is having to put up with... (yes, I bought these big bows just to takes pictures of the dogs with them wearing them!)
 My little innocent angels... They certainly know how to look all innocent when they want to...


I'm certainly glad to have both these pups in my life... Happy that both are healthy and look forward to many adventures in 2017!!!  Happy Holidays to all!!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Happy Holidays!

Bought the girls matching cmas outfits... decided to try out a photo shoot (something they wanted no part of whatsoever).. Got in a few good shoots though...

Sasha's birthday is today!  She is 14 years old!

This was the best I could get of them together!

 They don't know it, but round 2 is coming!  Skeeter was just a little bugger about the whole thing... spend most of the time rolling around like a maniac... Sasha at least knows what's up... I really want a cute christmas picture of them together..

Monday, October 31, 2016

The Crew...

Skittles is back for some puppy sitting while his mom is away for a work trip... As always, it's super good to seem him... He easily just fits into the schedule of the house and gets along well with what we are doing...

Working lots these days and everyone gets times on the desk while I work... Sasha doesn't like it so much but she will stay up for about 1/2 hour before getting down (this happened while Skeeter was actually on a road trip with Cassie to pick up Skittles).  Skeeter however, loves this spot and stays up there while I work only getting down when I take breaks.. 

 Took both Sasha and Skeeter to their annual vet visit.... First time with two dogs and all went swimmingly until we exited as a big dog came in and then it was a bit chaotic - Skeeter barking, Sasha joining in.. We went back in the vet room until that dog got settled into a room and then we were able to exit a bit more quietly... They may be getting up in years, but you would never know from the noise these two are able to make when they want to! Angels :)

Monday, October 17, 2016

Sasha and Skeeter do the Ocean!

We hit the road for a little mini vacation to the coast...  While it was a stormy weekend, it started out well as it was bright and shiny on our brief stop at the Maryhill State Park...

 Just an overnight stay in Portland; the dogs didn't get to see much here... Cassie and I did get some super yummy Bibimbap and some ice cream at the Salty Spoon!
 Here we were at Munson Creek Falls... it was just a short trail to the falls... but a tree fell down and we couldn't make it all the way.. but we got a nice view of the falls!  and while wet, the dogs enjoyed the new place for new sniffs and exploring...
 The real sightseeing was at Cannon Beach and we saw as much of the beach here and in Seaside as much as we could... Sasha loves the beach, couldn't get enough.. Skeeter not so much, though as long as she wasn't near the water, she was fine and happy...though she eventually figured out it was just part of what was happening and it wasn't so scary :) I did carry her a few times :)

 It was a crazy stay... it was pretty windy and raining the first day and then power went in the whole town around 9pm until the next morning.  (yah, we had a fireplace!). THEN, we were out in the town the next  morning and for about 1/2 hour- there was a tornado warning! (a tornado did touch down about 15 miles south of us)  But really, after that...the wind died down, rain would start up for just a bit and then stop,  and the sun came out... We took advantage for sure! 
 They were adorable in their matching raincoats!
  We also explored Astoria and got up to the Astoria column for some sightseeing... Needless to say, Sasha could have stayed for a lot longer... She loved the beach! 
 It's actually been a year this month when Skeeter came into my life as a foster dog so it was fun to celebrate in this way..She also turned 12 this month (I picked her day - October 3rd)... and Sasha turns 14 next month... so an early birthday celebration for her too! 
They had a busy 4 days for sure and I have some tired pups at home... (and in desperate need of a bath!) 

Sunday, October 9, 2016


Baxter, (formally Mulder) got to finally welcome baby Max to the family... Sleepy dad, says all is going well with the new baby Max... they are interested in the baby, some licks and checking out to see if there is any food... They are making sure they get attention and baby-free time time too.  They look like a happy family to me! 

ah.. Simon... I grabbed these pictures off of instagram... the post on the picture below was "These two are exhausted after a day of ripping up toilet paper and tearing down anything hanging from the wall that is less than 4 ft from the ground."  Sounds like they are partners in crime!  They sure try to look innocent don't they? 

Then, they got to experience some rainy camping days, which maybe wasn't so fun, but they got to cuddle lots.  They look like such a fun pair to me - I'm happy they have each other...

 And some pictures of Sparrow!  All recovered from her dislocated toe injury and ready to rumble.   It's fun to watch her grow up. 

Lola (former foster Scully, ) and new sister to Silas (now Teddy).. got to be in a photoshoot for her dad's shoe catalog... I think her and her mom look great!  Lola and Teddy are doing great together.

It's weird to not have any foster dogs these past couple weeks and sometimes I feel like I'm missing a dog...but I don't think Sasha and Skeeter are missing it so much and are enjoying the mellower pace (aka, lots of naps!). 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Guess Who's Back!

So we are taking a break for the next few months from fostering, but i get to pup sit Skittles a couple times... He came last Saturday and then went home the following Saturday this time and it was so good to see him.  He's got the routine of the house down and Sasha knows him well so they get along fine.. While this wasn't the first time Skeeter had met him, it was the first time he was at our house since we adopted her..

 A visit to the dog park for Skittles... a little overwhelming to him.. .it was a busy day and a new park, though he enjoyed sniffing around... not so much enjoying being sniffed! 

This pic sums up how Skeeter felt about Skittles... While they got along fine, she was a little jealous of the attention that Skittles got.  Defiantly didn't not like him on her desk bed and it looks like he knew he wasn't welcome either!  He spend most of the time at my feet being warmed by a blanket and a foot warmer so he was a happy boy.
 We really enjoyed all the snuggles that Skittles had to give...
  Hugs and kisses  for Cassie after she came home from work... We loved having Skittles for the week and we'll get him again at the end of the month for a slightly longer stay...
 So until the next visit from Skittles, it'll just be Sasha and Skeeter resting up.. plus we have a trip to the beach planned where we are taking them in just a few weeks which should be a lot of fun for them (and us too!). 

Sunday, September 25, 2016

I'm Adopted!

Of course she is!  and she is in for a treat - she's been adopted by former New Rattitude adopters of Sandy, my foster foster dog.  :)  Sandy is just as sweet as and now with Summer - they have twice to sweetness!  I hope they become good buds!

Some last pictures of Summer before she is off to Portland to her new family!  Gonna miss her sweetness and cuddles. 
 A bully treat for her last weekend with me.. She didn't like me taking pictures up close... And while I wouldn't let just any two dogs lick the spoon of peanut butter together (why there is no Sasha), these two were just happy to enjoy the treat! 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Chasing treats!

Having fun with Summer in the yard... I was throwing treats and she had fun running and finding them.  t was  nice to see her get to run and get some energy out.  She's nervous at the dog park for such play still but at home, she's free to relax and have fun.  She's got excellent recall when treats are involved.

Come see her videos - Chasing Treats & Chasing Treats 2 - she had a funny little hop to her run today.  I think it was because the lawn was freshly mowed.  Silly girl.

Then she found something nice to roll in that I always think is a worm though I don't really know, but she got her wiggle on.

And she let me know that grass doesn't taste nearly as good as treats!

 Then time for bed... She would really like to sleep in a family bed...  She is an awesome snuggler.