Saturday, December 26, 2015

Vet Time for Skeeter

Skeeter went to the the vet last week... I'm not sure how, but she has hurt her neck and it's stiff and painful for her when she wakes up, but then seems to be better once she works out the kinks... So we took her to the vet to get this checked out... She did well at the vet though the tile was a little slippery for her on the tiles...

 So she got some anti-inflammatory (which I'm happy to report, made things much better for her) and then some laser therapy, which I just think is worth it cause of the cool doggles she gets to wear... I really think she needs her own pair!  But really I'm seeing improvements and just want her to continue to feel better.... no fun waking up with pain :(

 So I'm hoping that she continues to improve and that she just over strained herself cause she's feeling so good and got too wiggly and she'll be back to her own self and able to sleep like her old self very soon!  (She does also enjoy the daily and often neck massages she is getting too...)

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