Saturday, December 19, 2015

PupCup Time

So it's possible that I may go to Starbucks to often... Skeeter knew when we pulled up that it was pup cup time and tried to get out of the car seat to flirt with the barista's to see if it would earn her a pupcup!  (it totally worked - lots of oohs and ahhhs)... She was so enthused, I pulled over in the parking lot and let her have at it!

It's becoming quite a habit to take her on errands - she is happy to be in the car and seeing the sights...and the whipped cream bonus doesn't hurt either! 

 My favorite picture of her to date... Her, "I'm ready to be picked up", look that I get often...
We have also seemed to find a comfortable spot for her to sit in my lap while working for about an hour a stretch... Once she finds a good comfy spot - she just snoozes away and me typing on the keyboard doesn't bother her a bit! 
She's doing great with the snow that we have had - she's not happy about it and she doesn't wander too far, but she's helping herself to the doggie door for very quick potty breaks! 

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