Sunday, December 27, 2015

Former Foster Updates!

Foster foster update... So happy that all these New Rattitude dogs got to spend Christmas with their families! 
This is Millie (Skye) over on the left with her siblings when the weather was warmer!
Pippa (Selma) getting a snooze in before Santa comes!

Mina (Sabrina) looking so sweet in  her Christmas sweater...  
Saul - who was wearing a pink scarf to show    
his support of Breast Cancer Awareness in October

Baxter (Mulder) getting in a cuddle with his sister Maddie
Sweet Sparrow getting a nap in with sibling Gollum
Rue (Sylvia) is doing great and she loves snow which is good, cause they get a lot! 
Holly (Sienna) in the middle with her   siblings, ready for her first Christmas with
her family

Merry Christmas to all the New Rattitude dogs who have found their families to spend Christmas with and all the dogs who are patiently waiting for families of their own in wonderful New Rattitude foster homes!  We will make that happen in 2016!

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