Sunday, November 8, 2015

Smart Cookie

So the cute little black and white sweater actually irritated her the skin on her legs a bit so we put her in softer different material sweater that is a bit easier on her skin and not so snug...

She has also learned the doggie door!  She doesn't use it all the time and sometimes asks to be let out, but I think that's just her getting me to do stuff for her. We also put a runner rug going to the doggie door so she doesn't have to walk on the tile and she is much appreciative of that and is lets her get to the door easier.  She's sure smart between the doggie door and learning to use the doggie steps to get on the bed... She also can sit on command... Just because she's 10 doesn't mean she's not up to learning a few things :)

 Sometimes she just wants to be held and I found that she really enjoys the snuggle sack I made a few years ago... She just settles right in and chills out...

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