Monday, November 2, 2015


Skeeter likes being outside (though she gets a little finicky if the ground is wet) - i was doing a little last minute winterizing of the yard and she was a good helper and sniffed everything for me... Sasha and her were very curious about the - pink doghouse, it used to be Sasha's dog house (that she never used), that now we leave out in the front yard for an outdoor kitty to have a warm spot in the winter... Sasha never minds any fosters that enjoy spying or being noisy! 

  The best news is that Skeeter must be feeling so much better... She played!  She played tug and gave rattie shakes and everything... It is super to see getting more active each and every day.. I know she must like it too!  Skeeter getting her play on   <-----

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