Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Seeing the sights!

Another ride about with Skeeter... She just loves being with her people and is learning to dig the dog seat. 

A previous foster (I'm not mentioning any names) chewed a hole in this blanket so we decided to have a little fun... I don't think Skeeters definition of fun is the same as ours!

 We actually stopped by our smaller pet store in town, Pet Pantry,  during what I hope was a slow period for them.   I made sure was clear of any critters before letting her down in the store (she did see a dog that was on the way out and yes, she is a barker).  She had a little trouble slipping on the flooring; but got the hang out it.  We had her on a retractable leash, but that was too much for this little one, so we pulled out some leash, locked it and she did much better!   I think she enjoyed all the new sights and smells. Oh and she peed right by cricket cage (guess we know what she thinks about them!).
 Afterwords at home, she got a nice treat that was little chewy. I bet she enjoyed being able to chew now that her mouth is all fix and healed!  She made pretty quick work of it.  :)

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