Friday, November 6, 2015

Burrowing Time!

 So winter is coming; it's getting cooler and I keep a pretty cool house... Skeeter is letting us know that she is cold by starting to burrow!  I don't mind the burrowing; but I thought maybe she was too chilly...

 So I thoughts, rather than go into fuller heat the house winter-mode... Let's put a sweater on her!  She has obviously worn an outfit or two before, because she let us try on so many without a peep! 

 Here is my favorite (I don't think it was hers), but come on, how cute is she with a pink mohawk! 
  But her is the sweater that seemed to be best for her; fits her good and keeps her a little warmer... and look at her tail.. That's a little donut toy that fit perfect on her nubby tail... it was hysterical how it just stayed on her bum... I even got a short video of it... ----->Silly Skeeter video

 Napping ABOVE the blankets! 

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