Saturday, November 28, 2015

Fancy New Digs

So Cassie got out the sewing machine and make this cute little pj for Skeeter... Doesn't she look thrilled about it? 

 Really, she prefers to burrow in snuggled in all the soft warm fleece, rather than wear it; but I think she can do both!  I think a matching blanket is in order for her to go with her new outfit!

 She's doing great- had a great thanksgiving - both her and Sasha has frozen bones of squash and Evanger's Thanksgiving Dinner canned food - plus she got in some extra snuggle time with my dad while watching football...

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Silly Skeeter

I forgot to share this picture yesterday, but it's so cute... It's hard getting your picture taken all the time!

It's fun to see Skeeter loosing up more and more... yesterday she figured out a particar dog bed had a top on it and had herself quite a lot of fun - --->Skeeter being Silly

She's eating really well too.. She's a little slow; but that's okay... She also gets some cranberry supplements dusted in her food too along  with some other preventative type stuff... But she's a fan of the treats for sure and she really shows she can move, sprint, trot when she wants too!  She goes fast when she sees the treat jar come out! 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Making Buddies

So Skeeter made herself a new buddy yesterday... My dad came over and before he knew it, she made herself right at home on his lap!  If he got up; as soon as he came back, there she was, looking for her spot! And then before he knew it; he was giving her scratches!  She's a sneaky one; but in the best possible way!  She is just a mellow little love bug...

In other news; Skeeter got herself a couple new spots... While Cassie was dying her hair; Skeeter jumped up to get attention and Cassie touched her with her hands that were gloved, but had dye on them!  Quickly she got the dye out of her fur; but alas...she got a triple spot dye job for the time being!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Can't Hold Her Licker...

Skeeter does love to give kisses... She has learned that I don't love it so much and we will exchange 1 kiss f, but Cassie doesn't seem to mind as much so Skeeter thinks that is fair game!  

She also loves this snuggle sack I made and it keeps her nice and toasty... She is very sweet and affectionate... She is also loving the belly rubs and while she's not quite all the way on her back to get them, I would say she's about at 75% which is pretty close...

  Kissy Face!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Laser Light Madness

So we found the thing that turns 10 year old Skeeter into a young pup once again... the good ol' laser light!  She goes crazy chasing it, yips while she does it and shows she still got the moves... It was a lot of fun to see her crazy side...

Skeeter Laser Light Madness <------video and then a funnier video of her in slomo...--->....Slo Mo

      We played with her for about 10 minutes and she was pretty amped up so we took a break... But once she settled, it was time for a nap... She was tuckered after all that chasing!...

Monday, November 16, 2015

This Bed is just right!

                       Skeeter has found the glorious of the Costco donut bed...

She was so quiet, I went looking for her outside but found her just chillin' in the donut bed... not many foster can resist this bed... if they show up ever at Costco again, I recommend getting one... or three!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Silly Skeeter

Skeeter is such a pretty girl..

 But it's fun to get some goofy pictures of her too!
Trying to hide her mohawk on the left, to rocking out on the right!  .
 She does well in her crate at night, not a peep out of her, not even in the morning and she burrows under her blanket just likes she does during naps - She greats me with tail wags and kisses before breakfast and potty time!  She eats pretty well in the morning finishing her food... sometimes for dinner, she doesn't finish; but that's okay :) 

Friday, November 13, 2015

The sun comes out!

We've had a few days of sunny weather after a week of some rain,  so Skeeter got to do some more exploring of the yard, rather than the quick potty outside and trot back in as fast as you can. 

 She was very curious about my unweeded garden - lots of stuff to sniff I'm sure and a visit of my garden gargoyle I call Nessa...curious about her but not worried... more interested in checking out plants that are still there!
 She has now mastered the doggy door even at night time!  She's eating well and her and Sasha pretty much stay out of each others way unless it's naptime! 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


She sure is a good sport as we go through the animal clothes and test things on her!  While not a fan of the panda hat - she sure was cute!

She also does not like her ear cleanings and is quite the drama queen about them, but they are getting clean and make her head smell good... good for her and she's entertaining... come see at Skeeter after an ear cleaning - I think she was trying to roll the ear cleaner out!  She's a hoot. 

 Sasha will wear anything that will get her treats!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Smart Cookie

So the cute little black and white sweater actually irritated her the skin on her legs a bit so we put her in softer different material sweater that is a bit easier on her skin and not so snug...

She has also learned the doggie door!  She doesn't use it all the time and sometimes asks to be let out, but I think that's just her getting me to do stuff for her. We also put a runner rug going to the doggie door so she doesn't have to walk on the tile and she is much appreciative of that and is lets her get to the door easier.  She's sure smart between the doggie door and learning to use the doggie steps to get on the bed... She also can sit on command... Just because she's 10 doesn't mean she's not up to learning a few things :)

 Sometimes she just wants to be held and I found that she really enjoys the snuggle sack I made a few years ago... She just settles right in and chills out...

Friday, November 6, 2015

Burrowing Time!

 So winter is coming; it's getting cooler and I keep a pretty cool house... Skeeter is letting us know that she is cold by starting to burrow!  I don't mind the burrowing; but I thought maybe she was too chilly...

 So I thoughts, rather than go into fuller heat the house winter-mode... Let's put a sweater on her!  She has obviously worn an outfit or two before, because she let us try on so many without a peep! 

 Here is my favorite (I don't think it was hers), but come on, how cute is she with a pink mohawk! 
  But her is the sweater that seemed to be best for her; fits her good and keeps her a little warmer... and look at her tail.. That's a little donut toy that fit perfect on her nubby tail... it was hysterical how it just stayed on her bum... I even got a short video of it... ----->Silly Skeeter video

 Napping ABOVE the blankets! 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Seeing the sights!

Another ride about with Skeeter... She just loves being with her people and is learning to dig the dog seat. 

A previous foster (I'm not mentioning any names) chewed a hole in this blanket so we decided to have a little fun... I don't think Skeeters definition of fun is the same as ours!

 We actually stopped by our smaller pet store in town, Pet Pantry,  during what I hope was a slow period for them.   I made sure was clear of any critters before letting her down in the store (she did see a dog that was on the way out and yes, she is a barker).  She had a little trouble slipping on the flooring; but got the hang out it.  We had her on a retractable leash, but that was too much for this little one, so we pulled out some leash, locked it and she did much better!   I think she enjoyed all the new sights and smells. Oh and she peed right by cricket cage (guess we know what she thinks about them!).
 Afterwords at home, she got a nice treat that was little chewy. I bet she enjoyed being able to chew now that her mouth is all fix and healed!  She made pretty quick work of it.  :)