Saturday, October 31, 2015


 Skeeter has a funny little waddle to her...nothing wrong with her that needs to be fixed; just the way she is... of course not  helped by all the surgery and having a swollen belly for a bit...I think that walk of hers doesn't allow for the firmest of walking when it comes to smooth surfaces... 

 Skeeter does well on the ceramic tile (not as well on vinyl), though I saw her slipping a bit while eating so I've put a rug down by her where i put her food dish so she doesn't have to worry about it...She'd prefer carpet if she could get it, but nothing seems to stop her going where she wants to go.    She's not a runner that I've seen, just likes to go on her sniffin' walkabouts... i'm pretty sure she has every inch of my home memorized already!
Skeeter Bathtime! - She got a bath and she did super; just was still and let herself be bathed... and then of course got the crazies was the first time we saw her so active!  Good to see...but then of course, a nice nap was in order!   
 She is very house trained and we are working on teaching her the doggie door - she has learned to come in; but doesn't know how to go out yet, but it'll come with time... Plus we have doggie stair by my bed for Sasha and Ms. Skeeter helped herself to the stairs so she could nap which was great!  She's a smart cookie...

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