Monday, October 5, 2015

Vet Time

So a quick trip to the vet for Mr. Sylvester... He got to meet some baby kitties that were up for adoption in the waiting room and other than a sniff, he wasn't interested in them in all. He was interested in getting pets from all the staff and they were happy to oblige.
 In the waiting room he was a little nervous while we were waiting, but he just need some reassurance and then he was comfortable enough to check out his surroundings... I love his kissy spot on the top of his head! 

 Why we were there was because he was favoring his right hind leg and I thought I felt a bump there... The vet checked it out and isn't worried about the lump - said it was normal tissue (figures, I over panicked looiking for a reason for the limp), but did recommend restricting his activity and giving him some glucosamine to rest that knee and ACL and give it time to get better... So that's what we are going to do and hopefully we will see improvement in short order.. 

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