Friday, October 30, 2015

Skeeter Settling In!

So we've had a busy couple of days getting to know Skeeter and her us and a new routine - she's very sweet, mellow... loves to give kisses... She went to the vet too... Very good with the vet, but  does like to bark at other dogs if she sees them.  She had to get a vaccination and she was pretty vocal about her dislike, same for an ear check...but healthwise, she is all healed up from having 8 mammary tumors removed, a spay and 6 teeth removed... She  now has only 3 nipples , but who needed so many anyhow?   She plays with us a little each day and you can tell her energy level is coming up and up... Slow eater and doesn't always finish her meals, but it's also getting better each day. 

  She could only take me working for so long before she decided I needed some attention... Happy to be distracted by this sweet thing... She likes to chase your hands and if you are low enough, your hair!  And I was happy to see her checking out the "dog" spot... not quite up for jumping up there... but she sure was interested in the spot that all my foster dogs love (dead tree post up there)...

              And if you didn't love her already...she just has the best nub!  It's just the cutest little thing and it's got a little downward curve to it... I think how the hair goes to point is adorable...

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