Sunday, October 4, 2015

Pet Store Buds

Little Skittleman is visiting me for the week while his mom is on a business trip... He meet Sylvester before - his mom actually help with the last leg of his transport bring him to Cle Elum for me!  It's great to see who Skittles is just flourishing with his mom and I enjoy catching up with the little snugglebug! 

 Since Skittles and Sylvester get along pretty good - I thought I would take them to the pet store on a Y harness... They did good together... I don't think Skittles was totally thrilled but Sylvester didn't mind a bit.  They enjoyed checking out the store and sniffing things... Sylvester did try to pee on a few things so I took him back out for a potty break and that seemed to do the trick. 

No greats with people as I wasn't sure how either of them would do being linked to each other... rather just let them check out the store and then tendon treats for the trip home!  They were super cute together and did really well on the leash.. I think Skittles was a big help since he's such a pro at the leash and! led most of the way

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