Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Making New Friends

Took Sylvester to meet up with former foster Skipper at the dog park... they have this little area fenced off area for small dogs that is never used... it was a good place for Sylvester to get outside and meet another small dog without getting crazy.... He isn't too sure about those bigger dogs anyway..they make him nervous....

I didn't get a lot of pictures (phone died) but they play a bit with each other and of course played pee wars with even Skippers tiny sister Fifi joining in. 

Skipper is doing well, growing, but still have that sweet puppy face... I even got him to trust me enough to hold him and enjoyed some snuggles.  Sylvester really has a nice mellow dog manner about him and he enjoyed himself, meeting new people and getting extra pets!

Thanks to Vana and Keira for bring their pups out for a playdate!


  1. I think Sylvester should be mine!!! He is so adorable.

    1. he is full of adorableness! I just love his speckles! :)