Thursday, October 8, 2015

Joy of the Tennis Ball!

So Sylvester doesn't know how to play fetch very well..that is, till we brought out the tiny tennis ball and then the fun began!  Turns out he loves tiny tennis balls... fetches, rolls on them, just holds them in his mouth looking all proud and then a drop and a gaze of "please throw the tiny tennis ball again" and he's off again.    I'm glad I found the interactive toy finally that he likes!    He
 He is pretty amped up about the tiny tennis balls... #1 toy for sure!

 He is now burrowing under the covers for naptimes as the weather gets chilly and to date, no accidents in the house and uses the doggie door as he pleases.  We are working on sit and no jumping as he gets very excited about food, visits and well... just about anything!  He's a smart cookie - he will get it.  We are also going to introduce food puzzles to him cause I think he will really enjoy those!

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