Tuesday, October 27, 2015

And Skeeter Arrives...

So while Sylvester is busy settling into his new home... Skeeter has arrived!  I've taken to calling her Skeeterbug - she's tiny, she's got a little waddle to her and sometimes she snorts a bit!  She loves to give kisses and has quickly made herself at home and as close to the heat at she can get! 

Thanks to tip from Tara (her foster mom that saved her from the shelter), I brought Sasha on the trip with me  and while Skeeter was crated - they got to hear each other  - they exchanged some barks in the beginning and at least got to smell each other on the 2 hour trip home.  Skeeterbug is leash reactive to other dogs, so having them meet on a leash wouldn't work.. when we got home; introduction in the backyard and then the house, went great!  And Sasha even let her nap by her as soon as exploring was done. 

She's still sore from her surgery so we have to be careful picking her up, but she did well keeping me company while I worked and while she doesn't know the doggie door yet; she's happy to be let outside to do her business then sprint back in from the rain we are having...

 I'm sad for her having to deal with all the scary changes that have happened to her, but she's had good people on her side getting her healthy and keeping her safe and giving her love... She's got a little more ways to go and I'm glad to be part of it.

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