Saturday, October 31, 2015


 Skeeter has a funny little waddle to her...nothing wrong with her that needs to be fixed; just the way she is... of course not  helped by all the surgery and having a swollen belly for a bit...I think that walk of hers doesn't allow for the firmest of walking when it comes to smooth surfaces... 

 Skeeter does well on the ceramic tile (not as well on vinyl), though I saw her slipping a bit while eating so I've put a rug down by her where i put her food dish so she doesn't have to worry about it...She'd prefer carpet if she could get it, but nothing seems to stop her going where she wants to go.    She's not a runner that I've seen, just likes to go on her sniffin' walkabouts... i'm pretty sure she has every inch of my home memorized already!
Skeeter Bathtime! - She got a bath and she did super; just was still and let herself be bathed... and then of course got the crazies was the first time we saw her so active!  Good to see...but then of course, a nice nap was in order!   
 She is very house trained and we are working on teaching her the doggie door - she has learned to come in; but doesn't know how to go out yet, but it'll come with time... Plus we have doggie stair by my bed for Sasha and Ms. Skeeter helped herself to the stairs so she could nap which was great!  She's a smart cookie...

Friday, October 30, 2015

Skeeter Settling In!

So we've had a busy couple of days getting to know Skeeter and her us and a new routine - she's very sweet, mellow... loves to give kisses... She went to the vet too... Very good with the vet, but  does like to bark at other dogs if she sees them.  She had to get a vaccination and she was pretty vocal about her dislike, same for an ear check...but healthwise, she is all healed up from having 8 mammary tumors removed, a spay and 6 teeth removed... She  now has only 3 nipples , but who needed so many anyhow?   She plays with us a little each day and you can tell her energy level is coming up and up... Slow eater and doesn't always finish her meals, but it's also getting better each day. 

  She could only take me working for so long before she decided I needed some attention... Happy to be distracted by this sweet thing... She likes to chase your hands and if you are low enough, your hair!  And I was happy to see her checking out the "dog" spot... not quite up for jumping up there... but she sure was interested in the spot that all my foster dogs love (dead tree post up there)...

              And if you didn't love her already...she just has the best nub!  It's just the cutest little thing and it's got a little downward curve to it... I think how the hair goes to point is adorable...

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

And Skeeter Arrives...

So while Sylvester is busy settling into his new home... Skeeter has arrived!  I've taken to calling her Skeeterbug - she's tiny, she's got a little waddle to her and sometimes she snorts a bit!  She loves to give kisses and has quickly made herself at home and as close to the heat at she can get! 

Thanks to tip from Tara (her foster mom that saved her from the shelter), I brought Sasha on the trip with me  and while Skeeter was crated - they got to hear each other  - they exchanged some barks in the beginning and at least got to smell each other on the 2 hour trip home.  Skeeterbug is leash reactive to other dogs, so having them meet on a leash wouldn't work.. when we got home; introduction in the backyard and then the house, went great!  And Sasha even let her nap by her as soon as exploring was done. 

She's still sore from her surgery so we have to be careful picking her up, but she did well keeping me company while I worked and while she doesn't know the doggie door yet; she's happy to be let outside to do her business then sprint back in from the rain we are having...

 I'm sad for her having to deal with all the scary changes that have happened to her, but she's had good people on her side getting her healthy and keeping her safe and giving her love... She's got a little more ways to go and I'm glad to be part of it.

Monday, October 26, 2015

I'm Adopted!

Whosa happy puppy!?!  Sylvester is!  He's got himself a great new family and a fur sibling rat terrier named Samson to play with!  He went home yesterday and I'm gonna miss this sweet little dog, but he's and gonna do great and will enjoy his new family and walks around greenlake! 

Last day with Sylvester... This is me petting his belly, then his butt... 

 and again!... such a silly boy

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sienna update - She is famous!

Beautiful Sienna, now Holly who was adopted in July; made the NR calendar next year for a picture that Cassie took and I submitted!  Such a sweet little girl with a rough breaks in her previous life; now she has a wonderful new family and fur-siblings... and of course, now she is famous! 

I emailed her mom the good news and she let me know Sienna is doing great and she has become quite the little traveler!  Just couldn't be happier for her!  
Sienna wasn't the only Northwest rattie to make it in the calendar either... check it out! Calendar Winners

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Time to Get Pretty!

It was brushing time for Sasha (you can see her fluffy self in the background of a few pictures, being bitter and not looking at me) - and Sylvester wanted in on the action... He loved being brushed!   He just turned into a lump... I think it's his kryptonite!   He was in heaven and thought it was the best thing ever!   He definitely doesn't have Sasha-tude when it comes to grooming time! 


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Stroll in the Park

Cassie took Sylvester for a walk in the park... He loved getting out and seeing at the new things.. his favorite?  rolling in duck poop!   What he didn't love?  The bath when he got home!  But then he did he got the zooomies after his bath and all was good again! 

So he did great on the leash, wasn't really interested in other people and or dogs that he saw... just enjoying the sights and smells (and duck poop!)

Goofy Time!

                      Just being goofy with Sylvester (who does not appreciate what I call goofy).  

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Antenna Ears!

Just so gorgeous but sleepy pictures of Sylvester doing some sunnying... I imagine he will love summer and the heat that with it and get good warm snoozes in lounging in a sunbeam...

He's got great ears... When he is tired...they remind me of radar antennae!  Antenna Ears! - he was sooooo sleepy and enjoying the warm sun!  He did not think it was picture time like I did!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Out and About!

Another visit to the small park area and meet up with Tucker... We thought maybe they would play since they have before when Tucker was visiting, but it was of a sniff and check out the surroundings and being mellow kind of day... Perfect fall weather though... The bigger dog park area was super busy today; I'm glad we have this smaller area!
 Fence greeting lots of bigger dogs... no barking or anything (which was great).....
                                                                             We even had some other smaller dogs come visit! 
 Tucker's mom in the background.... :)    We also made a quick stop at Pet Pantry so some yummy treats... Sylvester was such a gentleman except when he stole a low lying treat in the bulk area, but we bought some since he liked them so much... He deserved it! 

Thursday, October 15, 2015


This sweet little girl is coming up soon to be fostered by me.  She is 10 years old... She was an owner surrender due to her owner living in an apartment and leash reactivity.  Thanks to Tara at the HSSW who saved this little girl and went to networking to and finding us to foster her.

She came to the HSSW and us, unspayed, with mammary tumors (no cancer, thankfully) and needing a dental that resulted in the loss of 6 teeth.  Tara is taking care of her during her recovery and when she is well enough, she'll come up to me. Should be a couple of weeks I think. 

She gets along fine with another dog, but gets overwhelmed with too many - she's a quiet girl who just wants to explore the yard, nap and snuggle with her person so I thought my house sounded like somewhere she do well in as we work on finding her her forever family.

Such an unfair and tough break for this sweet little girl and I imagine the past couple of months have been scary for her.    I see Sasha and her becoming good napping buddies!  Sasha appreciates the nappers!

Skeeter has had a lot of pain recovering from all the surgical work that was done but with fluids and pain meds seems to be starting to recover. Ends up the rotten and broken molars that were removed had roots that were tangled with healthy tooth roots so the extractions were difficult. The good news is that once she has recovered she won't have all that tooth pain.  The vet gave New Rattitude a generous 50% rescue discount on her procedures but we still need to raise the $600 to cover her surgery expenses. Any donations to help with Skeeter's bill would be greatly appreciated. To learn more about how to donate go to and click on the "sponsor this dog" button in Skeeter's section. Thanks so much

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Making New Friends

Took Sylvester to meet up with former foster Skipper at the dog park... they have this little area fenced off area for small dogs that is never used... it was a good place for Sylvester to get outside and meet another small dog without getting crazy.... He isn't too sure about those bigger dogs anyway..they make him nervous....

I didn't get a lot of pictures (phone died) but they play a bit with each other and of course played pee wars with even Skippers tiny sister Fifi joining in. 

Skipper is doing well, growing, but still have that sweet puppy face... I even got him to trust me enough to hold him and enjoyed some snuggles.  Sylvester really has a nice mellow dog manner about him and he enjoyed himself, meeting new people and getting extra pets!

Thanks to Vana and Keira for bring their pups out for a playdate!