Monday, September 28, 2015

Sylvester Arrives....

So Sylvester is finally here!  He's sweet as can be and has a cute little wiggle walk that I want to try to get on video.  He's seems to have made it through the transport without much issue and kept me company for most of the day on a dog better until he found an egg baby and chased it all over the house....Did not really appreciate me wanting to play throw with the egg babies.   He's showing some house training skills and seems like a pretty mellow good natured little guy. 

I also have good buddy Tucker here this week and while they aren't insant BFF's - there is some play between them as long as Tucker doesn't get too crazy- they do enjoy exploring the back yard together and engaging in pee wars... Sasha is busy ignoring the both of them and their silly ways :)

 Goofy Tucker photobombing the camera....

 I took Tucker to the dog park to hopefully wear him out a little bit before Sylvester came and he made buddies with this cute little mix named Lucy... He likes dogs his size versus the big ones that I think scare him a little bit. (I'll be glad when they get grass put in at this new park!)

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