Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Enjoying the Sun!

Sylvester is cute! Loves to run and loves to play but is up for a good snuggle too (especially if it involving petting and belly scratches!)  He's settled in quickly; showing himself to be house trained with the doggie door and is quiet in his crate at night!  He's kind of "go with the flow" kind of guy - just wants the lovin!  He's showing great dog manners with Tucker; playing with him but letting him know when he's had enough too.  

He's enjoying the last days of summer and found himself something smelly to roll about in ---->Sylvester rolling on a worm

Monday, September 28, 2015

Sylvester Arrives....

So Sylvester is finally here!  He's sweet as can be and has a cute little wiggle walk that I want to try to get on video.  He's seems to have made it through the transport without much issue and kept me company for most of the day on a dog better until he found an egg baby and chased it all over the house....Did not really appreciate me wanting to play throw with the egg babies.   He's showing some house training skills and seems like a pretty mellow good natured little guy. 

I also have good buddy Tucker here this week and while they aren't insant BFF's - there is some play between them as long as Tucker doesn't get too crazy- they do enjoy exploring the back yard together and engaging in pee wars... Sasha is busy ignoring the both of them and their silly ways :)

 Goofy Tucker photobombing the camera....

 I took Tucker to the dog park to hopefully wear him out a little bit before Sylvester came and he made buddies with this cute little mix named Lucy... He likes dogs his size versus the big ones that I think scare him a little bit. (I'll be glad when they get grass put in at this new park!)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Updates (Sylvia)

Sylvia - now Rue is doing RAT-tastic with her new mom.  Renae told me that Rue even got to go to school with her and mastered walking on all kind of different floors at the school with no issues... (She was so scared of tile when she was with me; we laid blankets down so she get get to the doggie door).  She even got to star in her mom's tumblr Rue's Day Off  for a class assignment!  She is gaining a lot of confidence with her new mom and is doing great!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tucker goes home!

Tucker went home this Wed and boy, when he heard his dad's truck pull up, he knew and got so excited and jumpy  (and do you see that cute little heart he's got on his backside?  too cute).  It was nice having him, but it was great seeing him excited to be with his people again.  We had a good time together and trips to the petstore and dog park to keep him busy.  I would like to think he had a good time ;)

Monday, September 14, 2015

Sylvester is coming to town!!!

So my newest foster will be arriving at the end of the month around the 27th and he's a cutie for sure... so spotty! The breaks been nice but sooo quiet!  I don't know about Sasha, but I'll enjoy a little more activity in the house with a new foster :)
And I've got a visitor this week... Good ol' Tucker who I fostered back in 2011 has come for a visit for a few days... Its good to see him and get to know him again... A little nervous when he arrived on Saturday but by Sunday he was playing with us... he still runs to the door when he hears a noise though... I think he's anxiously awaiting his parents return which will be this Wed!  He's sooo handsome!   It's good to see him doing so well and be so loved.  :)