Sunday, August 9, 2015

Pet Store Time!

Took Ms. Sparrow to a big box pet store to show her the sights.  I don't think she saw to many sights as there was so many smells to smell! 

 She did actually meet a a few store employees who became her BFF's immediately when they gave her treats but then it was time to get back to sniffing...

The fishes weren't nearly as interesting as other parts of the store; but I did show her some birds and she didn't know quite what to make of them (but I am pretty sure they were happy when I put Sparrow back on the ground; cause they knew she wasn't a bird even if she is named after one!)

At home she got a treat to gnaw on for being so good and brave at the store... It was a dried lamb ear and she inhaled it in about 2 minutes....
 So she watched Sasha finish hers from my lap just in case Sasha didn't like it... (She did but it took her 20 minutes; but I enjoyed the snuggle with Sparrow)

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