Saturday, August 15, 2015


So when Sparrow first got here, she was a bit of door dasher... She actually got out loose a couple of times in the first week; being small and dashing out so fast.  But she is so people focused and as I keep treats near the door (as I've learned from experience), with being calm and offering treats; we were able to get her back in quickly, safely without her going very far.  I don't even think she realized she was outside... She has since learned a bit of control and is "most of the time" able to wait when the door is open; but we don't push it; she's learning...  She however, does not like it when we leave without her... I was just going to check the mail and I got the most pitiful "i'm in jail" faces ever from her that I had to snap some shots!  And yes; she did lick the screen window!   She licks when she is anxious I've noticed and thinking that she was left behind or me not coming in; rather taking pictures; made her a little sad!  But look at those paws; she's just got the greatest feets!   

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