Sunday, July 12, 2015

Pippa Headed Home!

We've had a lot of fun watching cute little Pippa this past three weeks... We've done lots to keep this girl busy, which hasn't always been easy to do with our heatwave... Especially after Sienna was adopted and she didn't have her playmate.

Just thought I would share some pictures of our last week... She's heading home tomorrow and I'm sure she will be soooo happpy to see her people and the sights of Portland once again! 
She soooo wants to be friends with Sasha... Sasha says no way jose!
 We went to the Folk Life Festival here in Yakima... She met so many people, loves meeting the kids (especially the ones that one that had treats!), meeting dogs and of course, busy looking for dropped food! 
 This little black dog was adorable, reminded me of Sasha, but he had the cutest overbite... Him and Pippa were very interested in each other and hung out a bit...

 We also have been to the dog park many times with Pippa... This last time, there was a puppy dobie there...Gucci was her name and she was 70 lbs.. She wanted to play with tiny Pippa but she was way to big and pawsy... She choose to hang out on the park bench (whew!) with us where she was more at level with this big girl.  Luckily there was a lot of more her size puppies that she got to hang out with once Gucci found a like sized playmate to keep her busy.

She loves bubbles!!!!!

 But tennis balls more! 
We will miss Pippa... Had a lot of fun with her but her people miss her lots and I'm sure can't wait to see her again! 

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