Friday, July 31, 2015

Learning A New Schedule..

Nothing like heating up in the sun... It's amazing how close Sasha let her get...

I just love her ears... so cute, so spotted and  so soft!
 This is Sparrow pouting... she's bored and wanted to play... It's been an interesting week as I've been home working and the first two days; she was kind of crazy... She wanted to play and I needed to work and there lots of naughty behavior...jumping on tables, finding plastic things to chew,on, annoying Sasha,  etc... As we entered mid-week...we have found a rhythm of where I work and she relaxes out in the sun or in a dog bed by me, even playing with a toy sometimes and during breaks and lunch - IT'S PLAYTIME!!!!  I throw the toys, play tug, try to get her energy burned up a little bit...   The hardest is when work is done... She thinks it's playtime again and I need to rest my brain a bit... so we solved that by a nice frozen treat so she can get her gnaw on and I can just take a break... We seem to be figuring this new schedule out.... She's a smart cookie but definately needs her playtime :)  Dog park this weekend if it's cool enough :)


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