Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend over in Seattle...

Took Mulder and Skinner over to Western Washington for a busy weekend of fun and meeting new people... Mulder was his excited sweet busy self and had a super time.  Skinner came out of his shell a bit and loosened up... It was good to see.  I would say the weekend was good for the both of them!

To travel, we gave Skinner some Dramamine and it worked perfect for him, no car sickness or drooling either way.  So that was a bonus for sure. 
 Mulder and Skinner meeting the neighbor dog Haley.  They had some fun fence playing!

 The boys meet my friends Girl Scout Troop.  Skinner got into meeting all these sweet little girls and let them pick him up and pet him... He even went to them for pets!  Way to go little man!

Mulder wanted to play and so found someone to throw a toy for him.. He had a lot of fun!  

There are many more pictures to come of our weekend, but this was the end result when we all got home Saturday night... Tired, worn out pups!

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