Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mulder comes home!

Mulder is home!  He did great during his surgery and recovered well.  The technicians said that he had no issues walking and pottying after surgery (probably because he wasn't using that bad limb anyhow) and we got him, he was awake, busy and ready to go.  We got him home and he spent about 10 minutes out in the back yard and he had no issues getting around at all.   He's so busy, I'm glad he's getting pain meds, not just for pain, but to help him rest and heal cause he doesn't seem slowed down a bit and he needs to rest up!  Crate rest will not be so fun for him I think but we will keep him entertained.  :)

 17 stitches and e gets twice daily ice packs for 10 minutes to keep the swelling down...

Skinner so curious to why Mulder is getting all the attention in the crate
pain meds kicking in....

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