Saturday, May 2, 2015

Hitting the Road

Another brief visit to the vet on Friday... It was just to get heartworm tested (negative, yeah), it's something that the vet I took him too for his neuter doesn't do.  The trip was about 25 minutes and he was drooly when we got him them.. .Once at the vet (which was nearly empty, great for him and his nerves), he was nervous and needed comfort... He did get brave to smell some people and was very interested in puppy watching a group of 4 really cute boxer pups that came in...

 On the way home... He did get sick and the drooling really kicked in... He was happy to be back for sure... So it looks like 10-15 minutes is his limit for car rides without effects....poor little guy...

Good news was that he shook it off quickly and watch the video to him play with Mulder... -->Mulder and Skinner Play .  You get a brief appearance of Sasha who was monitoring to make sure things don't get too crazy and in the beginning you can really see how Mulder doesn't use his rear leg but then later, how it doesn't stop him a bit!

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